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How much do sessions cost?

An initial assessment session costs £75 then £60 per session thereafter.

Online sessions also available

(At present only online sessions are available due to Lockdown restrictions)

Free telephone consultation.

Payment schedule

Fee of £75 plus £60 for your first session to be paid in advance prior to your initial session.

Each session is payable  in advance for the following session.

If you are unable to attend a booked session then I will require 24 hours notice.

If I cancel a session, I will provide you with a full refund, or we can carry the session on and agree on a rearranged appointment.

How long do sessions last?

Each session lasts 50 Minutes.


How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the issue you wish to work on. Six sessions are generally thought to be effective for most people. However, there is no minimum or maximum number of sessions. We can discuss options in person and over the phone.


Where are sessions held?

Waterside Counselling Centre, Paisley

The Wynd Centre, Paisley

Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre, Glasgow



Counselling sessions can be arranged during the following times:

Monday - Tuesday: 9am - 7pm

Wednesday: 5pm - 7pm

Thursday : 5pm - 7pm

Saturday: 9am - 1pm

Steps in your Journey

Step 1

Contact David in confidence to discuss your needs. You can choose to book an inital appointment to explore options. David will guide you through the options available.



Step 2

At this stage we will start to make a plan and explore what approach will suit you best. there are a number of options available, at this stage we can also discuss the number of sessions that you may require.



Step 3

At this stage we would put a plan into action and along the way take stock of where you think you are at on your journey



Step 4

As you progress on your journey we will begin to weave together your skills into everyday life. At this stage we will review how you are managing and agree on a completion date.

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