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Client feedback for Avalon Counselling

“Six months meeting David helped me to manage by myself problems related to anxiety and stress.

He provided me the resources I needed to identify thoughts and attitudes and how I could handle them for my best.

Definitely, David has the skills to show a healthy way to manage emotions.”

"Helped me in Understanding more about how and why my emotions affect my Behaviour.

I also learned how to use meditation to help me relax"

"This has made a significant change to my life including my relationships."

"The service I received was excellent and has enabled me to start changing my life."

"I got a true sense of trust with my Therapist and felt that my feelings matter, this helped me in normalising my feelings"

"I felt that the resources and methods to think in a different way about my problems were very helpful.

This approach has been useful in helping me handle problems by thinking differently about them"

"My therapist was absolutely supportive and motivated me to keep growing.

My therapists’ attitude was encouraging and helped me evaluate daily situations by moving from one perspective to another"

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